Moose Oils 2014 Ltd.
    Structural Studies

  Structural style studies to validate deformation models

  FMI and dipmeter interpretation using scat analysis, tangent diagrams and stereo nets

  Fracture and strain mapping

  Structural 2D and 3D balancing using line length, area as well as constant bed length and thickness techniques

Southern Alberta Foothills Structures, Inter Linkage Study
Serial cross and strike sections, cutoff maps and structure contour maps, in paper and digital format
True Stratigraphic Thickness logs for detailed reservoir correlation
Phase 1 Moose Mountain Complete
Phase 2 Moose Mountain to Quirk Creek Complete
Phase 3 Quirk Creek  Complete
Phase 4 Quirk Creek to Sullivan Pending

For more information contact: Andy Newson,

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Moose Oils 2014 Ltd.